“19 for 2019”: a list of goals, resolutions and intentions

My sister, Rachelle, is one of the most interesting people I know.  She is extremely well-read and listens to a wide variety of podcasts, which gives her an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge on a number of topics.  One day, about a year ago, I was complaining that I couldn’t find an interesting audiobook to listen to, and she suggested I try listening to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast.

Well, one thing let to another, and pretty soon, I had read two of Gretchen Rubin’s books, browsed through her blog and taken the four tendencies quiz…turns out I’m an obliger.  With a side of rebel.

One of the ideas I gleaned from Gretchen (and my sister Rachelle), is a 19 for 2019 list.  Basically, it’s a “to do” list for the upcoming year, and I LOVE a “to do” list!  The items can be basic, wide-reaching, practical, abstract, and some can be just for fun!

Before creating my own list, I scoured the internet for ideas and examples.  I found wonderful artistic representations with sketches and doodles, simple numbered lists, and even some that were divided into categories or timetables.  With all that inspiration, I was ready to write my own “19 for 2019” list!

Brainstorming for a few days helped me get all of my ideas down on paper, and I was surprised by how varied they were!  Since it was almost March by the time I finished compiling my “19 for 2019” list,  I knew that I would need to balance the “learn to…” items, which frankly take a lot of time, with goals that could be accomplished with just a little intentionality (like reading 8 non-fiction books).  After all the listing, evaluating, choosing and deciding, my list was complete!

Debbie's 19 for 2019

What I love about a “19 for 2019” list is that is so personalized and speaks to all kinds of “doers.”  While I normally set over-arching resolutions for the New Year (Faith and Feminism: Part 2), I relish lists of specific goals and intentions to keep me focused on what I’d like to realize during a certain time period, and I get a rush of joy every time I get to cross an item off of my list.  (You guys, I often ADD a task to my daily “To Do” list just so I can cross it off!)

For me, it felt luxurious to add “frivolous” items that I’ve wanted to accomplish;  growing my hair and using an eyebrow pencil, for example.  Other items were added to keep me accountable for tasks I loathe; like going to the dentist and painting baseboards.   My “19 for 2019” list is just for me, and if I don’t quite hit a goal, I can try again next year or just give it up as a “not gonna happen.”

Although I may have a few items unchecked by the end of the year, the list has given me joy and anticipation for 2019, and the oh so satisfying opportunity cross items off as I accomplish them!

What kinds of things would YOU add to your “19 for 2019” list?  Leave your thoughts and ideas in a comment below!