Trim, Ireland

Trim is a wonderful introduction to Ireland!  We made Trim our first stop in Ireland both times we traveled there.  It’s just about a 45 minute drive from Dublin, which makes it an easy choice after an all-night flight.

One of the things I love about Trim is that everything you need is a short walk away.  We stayed at the Highfield House BnB, and I can not recommend it enough.  The hosts are warm and friendly, the rooms are comfortable and clean, and breakfast is dee-lish!!  We booked the family room both times, and there was plenty of room for the four of us.

20170614_141851The house and grounds are impeccably cared for, and we just loved the quaint look and feel of the place.

IMG_20180703_172408133After settling in at Highfield House, we set off to explore the town!  One of the things we enjoyed both times we visited Trim, was feeding the donkeys across the street from Highfield House.  They are a noisy bunch, and will definitely bite, so watch your fingers!  (We picked up carrots at Tesco, on our way out to Trim, and recommend doing that if you plan on feeding the donkeys.)

IMG_20180703_162425831_HDR.jpgThe sidewalk in front of the donkeys will take you in to Trim, where there is a lovely path along the river, complete with castle, ruins and a beautiful foot bridge.

DSC_0109Interesting fact about Trim Castle;  it’s where parts of Braveheart were filmed.  The tour is inexpensive, and if you want to only wander around the lower levels, it’s even less or free.  Plan to spend 30 minutes to an hour on the lower part, exploring all the nooks and crannies.


As you leave Trim Castle, you will see a visitor center on the corner.  We stopped in to ask if there were any pubs or restaurants with live music, and the visitor center employee was really helpful.  Be sure to indicate whether or not you are traveling with children, as that may impact any recommendations.  Many pubs and restaurants allow children up to a certain time in the evening, but some allow them at all times.

With so much to do in Trim, it’s a great town to visit for an overnight or two.  We found the host at Highfield House very helpful in recommending a spot for dinner and lunch the next day.  You’ll want to enjoy breakfast there at the BnB, and I can absolutely tell you that the coffee at Highfield House did NOT disappoint this coffee snob!

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